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Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ !



We live in a globalized world and people are connected through information Technology. Thanks to the World Wide Web (internet). I think that St. John’s Church (being the first Cathedral) is not just a place of solemn worship, but is a very historically significant tourist location that tells of the early beginnings of the Church in Kolkata. There is a treasure of history and heritage that is of priceless value. Hence, the story needs to be told so that people will be blessed.
I believe today’s modern world there is no greater medium than a website to tell the story of an amazing journey of faith as well as to communicate the Good News to the World.
Well done! Congratulations.
May God prosper all your endeavors !!!

CNI Nawhazari Church

On Sunday, 15th March, 2020 The Rt. Rev. Dr. Paritosh Canning, Bishop of Calcutta, CNI blessed and dedicated CNI Nawhazari Church as St. John’s Church in the presence of Office Bearers, Clergy, Heads of Institutions and Laity of the Diocese of Calcutta, CNI. Henceforth the Church at Nawhazari will be known as “St. John’s Church”, Diocese of Calcutta, CNI.

The Church last witnessed a visit from the Office Bearers or an Episcopal visit on 14th November, 2001 on its foundation day. Ever since, the Church has been neglected and not cared for due to lack of funds and resources coupled with the difficulty of reaching the Church for non availability of proper roads.

However, for Bishop Dr. Paritosh Canning, these are not obstacles or stumbling blocks. Very recently, on a bright sunny morning he left for the Church in Nawhazari without prior information to the Pastorate Committee or the Presbyter-in-Charge. In the days when he was the Presbyter-in-Charge of Church of the Epiphany, Thakurpakur(under which the Local Congregation of Nawhazari comes) he had tougher times getting to the Church through muddy roads. There were times when he had to walk through ankle deep slush for miles, the only means to get here. Bishop personally experienced here the deep faith of the Community in Christ and their love for the Church.

Activities of St. John's Church Kolkata


Church communion service

Holy Communion Service has been conducted regularly and continues to be great joy and blessing to all attend these services.


Remembrance Day Service

Remembrance Day Service was held in November to pay respect to all brave soldiers who laid down their lives fighting for our country.


Christmas communion service

All the senior members, pensioners and the congregation attended a special service on Sunday After which there was a get together followed by a fellowship lunch, each pensioner was given Christmas gift .
This is our small endeavor to bring about a difference in the lives of the excluded and the downtrodden of the society.

We Provide Care

Caring is one of the most important aspect of human being and in the church, we always give it the first priority

We Consult

We the human being need proper consultation from seniors, Her in the church we provide consultation


This is our small endeavor to support the society who have been affected by the super cyclone in coastal areas of West Bengal

What visitor Says...

Giftson Rajarajan (Local Guide)
Beautiful church nestled in a lush green campus with a number memorials inside the campus. Good place for prayer and contemplation and a must visit for architecture lovers and history buffs
Steven Heath

A very calm location in the centre of Kolkata