The Rt. Revd. Dr. Paritosh Canning has held various other responsibilities in the Diocese and grew in stature and leadership – personal qualities and competencies which include good interpersonal skills, a high level of I.T. competence, the ability to deal with delicate and sensitive matters in a professional manner, has a capacity to work in a close-knit team, at ease in a role that is of its nature self-effecting.  He his dynamic and popularly known as the “Peoples’ Bishop” – as he always expressed himself as so.

He served as the Vice-Chairman in the Board of Governors and was deeply concerned with the well-being of our school. He has a special involvement with the School and cherishes a vision to raise the standard of the school – “sky high”. A very close friend, guide, a true confidante – to be more apt “The Shepherd to our School”.

The C.N.I. Diocese of Calcutta is a renowned and a much revered spiritual, philanthropic organization whose name and fame surpasses all barriers. The Rt. Revd. Dr. Paritosh Canning was sown in as the 21st Bishop of Calcutta on 10th June 2019. He took up the reigns of the Diocese of Calcutta with a view to connecting with the people of the Diocese, deepening his working relationship with his clergymen and addressing the needs of the community at large.

Mahatma Gandhi Samman  

The Mahatma Gandhi Samman in its very essence embodies the values of peace and humility. It is presented to individuals who excel in the strengthening of the bonds between Indians and Non-Resident Indians. This award is presented to an exceptional Indian who has been instrumental in forging better relations and bonds between the Indians and the Non-Resident Indians.

The Rt. Revd. Dr. Paritosh Canning, the 21st Bishop of the Diocese of Calcutta, created history by being awarded the Mahatma Gandhi Samman for his exceptional contribution towards Global Peace and Harmony. The prestigious award was conferred upon him at an event in the House of Commons of the British Parliament in London on the 11th of October 2019. The presentation ceremony of the Award was attended by numerous dignitaries of the British parliament. A host of Indian dignitaries also attended the prestigious award ceremony.On Saturday, 21st December, 2019 The Rt. Revd. Paritosh Canning,  Bishop of the Diocese of Calcutta, CNI was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award for Education Excellence  on the occasion of 13th International Achievers Summit on “Global Business Opportunities”. 

The Rt. Revd. Dr. Paritosh Canning has set a benchmark by achieving the unachieved and leading by example through his humility, leadership and pursuit of peace above all else.